It’s Finally Here: The Dash Give-Away!

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24 Thoughts to “It’s Finally Here: The Dash Give-Away!”

  1. Crypto Cliff notes

    Comment! Like! Join notification squad!
    0:19 Raining in LA
    0:39 Dash giveaway! Mark gave 1 dash and Omar matches
    2:00 Appreciates the appreciation for messages
    2:23 Traveling to Mexico to attend the Big Freedom Cryptocurrency conference
    2:55 Fraudulent Crypt0 accounts on IG…Be cautions
    3:55 People who left out dash addresses will not get dash included on the l list
    6:11 Random names are picked
    11:45 Checks the excitement in chat… and picks the last winner Kenn Bosak!!
    13:25 Addresses super chat and wraps up

    BTC address

    Eth/ERC20 tokens

  2. dinakar marella

    Congrats to everybody ..god bless man

  3. Y Ta Quoc

    My DASH address: XnNnixTVgGi6cz7VzPApvBtNPQfMypE65G

  4. Andrew L

    love the channel omar keep it up!!!! thank you sir!

    also hope you have a blast in mexico! if you can get us any videos that would be a blessing haha!

  5. Thomas Durrer

    enjoy the rain! my dash wallet: XmYq4L1rgCKKansy8ZudC6pAFKoZGTNMfj

  6. Иван Грицкевич

    Awesome Now at last I began not only to listen and read but also to follow My Dash Wallet Xcu2DbH3TTLerw294u3B95fM6QK5VEoXvS

  7. Ash

    Yes we finally see some rain

  8. Sam Smith

    nice video, liked and subscribed. My Dash wallet address XcD8S9pwE2HrgMy5J2LenTqRnWwXVNVc8G

  9. Mc Devlin182

    Nice video! Congratulations to all the winners!

  10. Justin K

    it’s either your lips are a bit slower or your voice is a bit too fast…

  11. Robert Gregg

    No worries great job,you all are great team 🙏

  12. BiGChinGS LoCoHoDiaN

    WHATS UP!!!!!!!!! @bigchings on Dsound & SteemiT

  13. Robert Gregg

    Omar is master of Linguistics with these names 😝

  14. Andrew Safie

    Thank you!!! 0xE2A07b741AA42FdAaBd79a0ED1a7e3aa2237c66F

  15. Robert Gregg

    Omar you don’t need to apologize your awesome 👏 You to Janelle🌈 and Wallace can’t forget him

  16. Robert Gregg

    Awesome friend don’t use that service my brain can only handle a few channels. Make sure you all come back to us. Beautiful place tell Jeff we said hey

  17. Kc Marshall

    I dont have instagram lolz

  18. shAiQ

    0:10 – 0:20 😂😂😂😂😂😂


    My Dash Wallet is: XnMrjrkpA47R67JwLRK5xG38esywWSAxo5

  20. Cashcows TV

    What’s going on here?

  21. Big Dummie

    Second is the best, gimme that dash dash digital cash!

  22. redhillmum

    First 😁 Enjoy your rain 😉👍.

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