Daily: China State Media Targets ICOs (for the LAST TIME??!!)

China State Media Targets ICOs in an attempt to stop the underground private sales.
0:55 Market Analysis
2:28 China’s State Media Targets ICOs
3:33 Mining Malware Tsunami Continues: ‘5000’ High-Profile UK Websites Hit By Tainted Plugin
4:53 UNICEF Game Chaingers

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21 Thoughts to “Daily: China State Media Targets ICOs (for the LAST TIME??!!)”

  1. Boxmining

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  2. Shane Lynne

    china gonna use crypto to make yanks pay for oversold useless $1

  3. Shane Lynne

    what a fool china will run with crypto and usa will have to jump or lose

  4. Shane Lynne

    it about time theses idiots got it together so we can do something for the world  lets get rid of the dogs

  5. Biagio Colangelo

    You should have a meeting with the chinese goverment

  6. T2

    Neo & Tron are supported by chinese government. Tron will switch over on its own blockchain in march. More & more chinese business giants will join Tron. Get your coins guys!

  7. MPA

    Beta test in progress. Trading opens on March 1, 2018.

  8. Excel Learner

    It is very possible that the semi flatline is affected by the Chinese New Year as people need cash to spend during these times. Even though I am not in China, but I did need to get money out from my investment to spend on my vacation.

  9. Total Bullion

    By the end of 2018 Neo will have gone supersonic! That’s my prediction.

  10. Andy Raman

    In India we have a premium of 6% and as high 15% sometimes

  11. Aron

    Okay, so I suspect my PC might be affected. sudden large usage of CPU and RAM. Kindly assist how do I rectify something like this. Thanks so much!

  12. Harry Davies

    You forgot to talk about Malaysian central bank!

  13. Gaurav Jaggi

    Stop spreading the FUD now. China is against crypto and crypto won’t die if they ban crypto ten times a year.

  14. Stoffel84

    Great work JNTlman

  15. flower bee

    thanks, Michael, really appreciate your video’s…. 🙂

  16. Asish Penugonda

    I like the timing. I always have a video ready by the time I wake up in the US.

  17. edoardo barzano

    Ciao Michael.

  18. shAiQ

    Love your videos!!! 🤩🤩🤩

  19. Julian Jara Bolinder


  20. Jason Whittle

    Bring back Lola!

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