A dangerous Bitcoin & Bitcoin-Cash (BCash) Hack (that no one talks about)


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10 Thoughts to “A dangerous Bitcoin & Bitcoin-Cash (BCash) Hack (that no one talks about)”

  1. Righteous Capo

    funny how double spending is been the topic in Twitter 15 hours ago and suddenly you came out with this video and thinking that you figure all this out.

    you should check out Craig Wright’s tweet 15 hours ago

  2. Paul Fisher

    Thanks Julian for this update. This was good to know.

  3. 瘋比特 - 比特幣以太坊等分析

    Hummmm…. never think of this, it could be an issue. Thanks for sharing.

  4. mungojelly

    this is just a slow confused explanation of what a double-spend is — you seem to think you invented double-spends for some reason!!?? i guess you didn’t understand that that’s how it works when it was explained to you :/

  5. Phillip X

    Julian why don’t you simply ask Craig wright on tweeter what he thinks about this possibility? It could spark a very interesting conversation.

  6. Chris Pacia

    You can say not FUD but this doesn’t really make it so. On Bitcoin (BTC) you have 3 pool operators that can band together and do the exact same thing that you’re suggesting 1 pool can do with BCH. Does the requirement to have three people colluding rather than one make Bitcoin THAT much more secure? Of course not.

    There has been this concern with Bitcoin really going all the way back to the start of pooled mining. And in fact at times in Bitcoin’s history a single pool has controlled a majority of the hash rate. So why wasn’t this attack done on BTC? For the most part the pools don’t control the hash power and they are free to switch to other pools if they turn malicious. Sure such an attack has a slightly larger chance of success with BCH rather than BTC but the difference isn’t worth making a video about and claiming some grand insight.

  7. mnl1986

    why wait for 50blocks and not 10?

  8. Abdul Kareem

    You have released the secret and now many people will use your concept

  9. Clint Fernandez

    Btrash is a garbage fire, can’t stand it. I would not accept it as payment because the Bitcoin core devs are much smarter. They are always quietly improving Bitcoins code and putting in features to embarrass Btrash’s attempts at market manipulation and Roger’s FUD attacks.

  10. Jason Cline

    “This sort of thinking in the crypto world reminds me of religious people.” vs Science People? Maybe you want to dial back the bias towards religious people. I know many religious people who are critical thinkers and I have met many people in the science community that are extremely narrow minded and uncritical especially when it comes to anything religious. Case in point. lol

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