TOP Potential Coins Of 2018 Going Unnoticed: Rivetz (RVT) – Security For The IoT

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35 Thoughts to “TOP Potential Coins Of 2018 Going Unnoticed: Rivetz (RVT) – Security For The IoT”

  1. hbone373

    Rivets is a coin to hold for the long run, it still not on major exchanges and the CEO of Rivets is very close to Bittrex, even if is not listed on Bittrex or Poloniex or Binance, it will be used as a 2FA Authenticator to log in to each exchange so the utility of the Rivets token will still be used. Even though i know they have been working to been added for a while and that marketcap can easily go to 1 Billion since it has to do with a subject that really needs attention in CRYPTO which is security. Think about the supply of the coins, at 1 billion marketcap, this is a 30-40 dollar token,…….

  2. Matthew Steehler

    Just watched… not pictured, but would see if camera scrolled left… Rivetz CEO Steven Sprague holding a gun to Crypto’s head… “secure ur crib crypto, now wake up and make rivetz a video”

  3. burnquist1

    Crypt0 got paid to pump and dump. Nice…

  4. Richard Forrester

    have you a way to ‘post’ that graphic for my own educational purpose? thanks Brother Omar……..

  5. Richard Forrester

    LMAO – that’s okay, I just got up and getting going – so, for coins of opportunity this year
    have you yet reviewed: DENT, WAX, MED, etc? jus askin hey get your young bu** some rest sir………..
    RF – I should be meeting you on steemit/minds/gab shortly……..l8r cau

  6. Matthew Steehler

    But does rivetz have snoop? Mithril Ore!

  7. Robert Gregg

    Love me some Crypt0. Your travels thru the blocklands are appreciated friend

  8. Matthew Steehler

    Havent watched yet… tell me u mentioned bitdice!

  9. Jason Osorio

    COMMODITY AD NETWORK… CDX is the token ticker.. less than $10 million market cap!!

  10. Louis Trudel

    hey omar I like SIMDAQ (SMQ) its a WAVES token

  11. corey ziolkowski

    Up 110% since this video 😂😂

  12. R C

    check out Aigang 10 mil mktcap, 29mil total supply, insurance industry disruption, @kucoin

  13. Oskar Andreas Berg

    Zencash isnt small enough for this i guess, maybe check out it is small 🙂

  14. The Juggernaut Bitch

    markecap is allready 25MM right now

  15. zeroproof

    I like rivetz potential, got in on ico. But man only 1/8 of the coins are in circulation. There will be a lot of inflation on this one.

  16. Madjo Dewus

    Hi Omar if you are looking for a really undervalued coin with an excellent team you should look at hubii.
    it only has a 14 mil market cap but what made me really like the project is the team.
    if you talk to the team on telegram they respond and show really good what they are working on instead of just being all hype its deffinitly something to look at!

  17. Mr Myles

    GEEZ, look at the boost this coin has had since the video.

  18. julio kolo

    Amazing technology ! Amazing profit coin ! Thanks

  19. Joe Cai

    Damn, up to $1.24, Crypt0 has some juice

  20. Alex Taghavi

    Hey Omar,
    It was a pleasure to meet you at the Miami Bitcoin Conference.

    No worries if you lost the interview we did. If you ever want to do a interview again, please let me know as I’d like to dive into the material with you.

    Security should be by design 😉

  21. WE are all ONE

    txs , rivetz seems indeed very potential.

  22. Jonas Bostoen

    lmao you pumped it

  23. Mark Trutts

    Check Zencash with its ZenHide- Domain Fronting Service – is sounds exciting!

  24. christian sarmiento

    ZEPH 4M CAP.

  25. Gand-Alf

    How did Raiden not make the top coin! Specially from an Ethereum fan like you. Raiden will be huge in late 2018.

  26. Amadeo Brands

    SKY will be huge in 2018

  27. Topher Dowling

    Theta token

  28. Francisco Cavazos

    PayPie!!! Check it out!!! Credit Risk Management. To taking over the often hacked Equifaxes of the world!!!

  29. holycruncher

    Please review SAFEX coin.

  30. Steven James

    They are partnered with Trustonic?!!??! HOLY COW great find! — You asked for more low cap mentions. Encrypgen ( DNA ) . I don’t think people realize the potential of this market they are in

  31. Enne A M

    Crypto talk about the LISK they are relaunching soon! Any thoughts? Also i wanted to know what are your thoughts about FRIENDZ ? they are entering the ICO phase March the 1rst and they already have a working app with over 2 million users + the have been live for a couple of years with a working product and making reveneus… THOUGHTS about these 2 projects, i know lisk is not one of those “small projects” u wanted to hear about but i had to ask.

  32. freeeeeeekje

    Bought in @ ICO & doubled my stack on this, RVT has HUGE potential to go skyhigh.

  33. enoughtime2waste

    Blocknet-The Internet of Blockchains Product Release on 1.3.2018

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