Today in Bitcoin (2018-02-12) – Airgapped Hacking with NASA Snowboarders during a Bitcoin Crackdown

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Burton’s U.S. Winter Olympic uniforms are very old-school NASA

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Mad Bitcoins on Twitter: “Impressive new research allows data to be stolen from an infected airgapped or faraday caged computer using the CPU to create magnetic transmissions. ”

฿TF%$D! on Twitter: “You can always buy a fraction of a lambo…… ”

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7 Thoughts to “Today in Bitcoin (2018-02-12) – Airgapped Hacking with NASA Snowboarders during a Bitcoin Crackdown”

  1. Derek F

    Bitcoin is a stock market draining tool. With lightening network the next rise and pump can be faster & bigger than the last spike to 20k. It will go way above $20k. That way when they crash it back down to $1000 in half the time, with lightening, the bigger the short they can make on the stock market. When half the crypto exchanges are able to manipulate the entire crypto market down from 20k down to 6k while keeping Bitcoin in the 33% to 36% market dominance range all the way down. Thats Billion dollar market manipulation crashing shorting tool. Is that what you call a cold war or a financial war. The last crash in JAN 2018 looks like a test run to me. Think what they can achieve with faster transfer speed and a bigger crash next time around. What other shares can they collapse in the real stock market on the way. Will this crash the bond market all the way to worthless. They could ban it from stock markets but probably people will be blinded by greed so it will stay unchallenged until there is stock market crash maybe. Or only have aspirations of FUD. What stocks/bonds will be targeted for draining this time around. This is too big for me. I would just like to ride the wave up and down. Hodl’ers of Bitcoin can Hodl and follow their greed, I rather see the thing banned from stock markets. What was it minus 200 points from the dow last time. You have a Billion doller market draining tool here, Is that a weapon of mass destruction. Well the exchanges are the guns, Bitcoin is a bullet, shorting Bitcoin at the stock market is the weak spot. Exchanges already proved they can manipulate the price all the way down. So when is the next pump starting ? Who is running this and what is the goal ? Destroy real currency or someones currency ? Is this the dream ? All I see is a bunch of blind greedy people bullshit about the positive future thinking they are gaming everybody, making Hodl’ing sound like some noble struggle, Its just greedy gobshites hoping to profit from market manipulation. So is the damage ? Thats the thing yet to come, I’d just ban this shit from the stock market if I wasnt blinded by my own greed, and there is you answer why no one wants to stop anything here. I for one enjoy the speculating and money so I dont care once you dont damage my currency. What if specific shares are targeted via shorting the crypto market. As a man once said, so long as your losses are less than your profits where is the damage. Who is running all this. I dont care once its just a bit of market manipulation and not an all out financial war that affects my life in a negative way. This looks like a power struggle to me, maybe the crime of century, a mass market manipulation tool. The latest tools are starting to use A.I. also so is this the start of A.I. “revolution”. People thought it would be self driving cars, instead the created the ultimate wall street bot. I dont think any of this matters. Just enjoy the ride if you can related to speculating. This is like the ultimate battle of the nerds. Hodl that shit guys 😉

  2. Fred Fish

    your subs numbers are very nice, love the live shows

  3. chuckpain03

    great show brother

  4. B J_a_x

    Or if you computer just had an intel processor .. job done !

  5. B J_a_x

    Or if you computer just had an intel processor .. job done !

  6. Jay Dee

    Dump Andy Hoffman and your subscriptions will rise again.

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