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45 Thoughts to “The Market Is Getting Stronger – Bitcoin Gains, Asset Flows, Debt Cycles, Millennial Saving – Ep 142”

  1. Mac Daddy

    Fresh cut bro. Looks the goods

  2. Checkemlads Testicular cancer

    Carter love to hear your views on this ,take a look at UTNP ( universa ) it’s said to be the Russian NEO. Ceo of company having meetings with Middle East companies and today signing deals with south east Asia companies . It’s on cobinhood for just 0.05, Obviously do the research but it’s x5 since listing 5 days ago looking to jump in

  3. Yandong Qiu

    good time to have a new haircut! as the old saying goes: 正月剪头死舅舅

  4. Hameed Hemmat

    Flashboys is an incredible book!

  5. LitecoinMichael

    here we go 13888 floor ahead???

  6. Dragon Scale

    OmiseGo didnt have any marketing. Only now they start to think about it, when wallet SDK and staking is around the corner. Crazy project with awesome future. 2018 will be awesome.

  7. Cryptocoin Kiwi

    What can I do better? I can wait better.

  8. AnythingWithWheels

    Haircut? I notice stuff like that.

  9. tbolts

    Really looking forward to the event tomorrow. I was watching a previous one on their YouTube channel and it appears they’ve got plenty of great info to share with us. Thanks Carter.

  10. Gabriel Mathieu

    Ah thank god you got a hair cut.

  11. Yoel Rekts !

    This feels like we’re preparing for a war lol

  12. 515coldfire

    augur and 0x not too flashy

  13. Common Ground

    Thanks for your time, Carter.

  14. Jon Boroughs

    You got a haircut. Lookin smart sir! Thanks for the video as always. Your info and thoughts are invaluable.

  15. Cryptonians

    Are you Canadian?

  16. Jennifer Dixon

    I love how good quality your content is on a consistent basis, Carter. Great job as usual!

  17. Artem Gordon

    Out of maybe 100 of my total friends that I have an idea of what their financial status is, I would say that only 5-10 may have over 100k savings and half of those 5-10 is due to investments in crypto

    p.s., We live in nyc

  18. Rolf Schmitz

    How can you get more competitive? – good question – thx for putting the challenge

  19. Footsteps

    Great advice Carter!! Big money is coming to take our money December and January were just a taste of it

  20. Negative Gains

    My goal is to eventually watch your videos at 100x speed

  21. viviann napp

    Thanks again for the great info. I missed the live stream but will watch the recording. Love the haircut. Very BOYISH!

  22. Alex W

    you talk alot but haven’t said nothing

  23. Mc Bane

    “Bond, Carter Bond…”

  24. Antonio Ambriz

    Please look into LIFE Token… they fit perfectly into your hype analogy… they didn’t do an ICO and are building their team with great members like the former director of marketing from microsoft… are now starting to make their marketing move

  25. santi jirapong

    Happy Monday !!!!!

  26. Re3iRtH

    “1 in 6 millenials has $100K in savings”

    “76% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and don’t have $1000 to pay for an unexpected car expense.”

    1 in 6 millenials don’t have $100K in savings. 1 in 6 people who answered that survey do.

  27. eirik arnesen

    chineas new year in 4 days now. the easy will finally start buying again after that

  28. adamgdev

    Signed up for the course. Thanks for posting! Keep up the great work!

  29. Bogdan F

    This guy is really something. i appreciate you Carter!

  30. alan b

    ..exactly.. the best long projects don’t need hype, they almost avoid it.. CVC, TNT, etc (a few more).. antshares was not hyped.. enterprise projects are going to be en vogue soon.. just give them time moonboys… real money is long.

  31. Douglas Taylor

    Inequality may be growing but the poor people in the USA are still in the top 5% of the world.

  32. alan b

    Laddering in DCA since 6500 every Friday. Break 9k and I will double buys.

  33. Sammyzuko


  34. a t

    that coinbase graph is a big time fake….there was a big spike in volume on that deept in every other exchange….not on coinbase ofcourse…

  35. Andy Raman

    I will do dollar cost and dip buy

  36. UndoneSums

    “{CLICKING SOUND} … Coin Mastery Teeee-Veeeeeeeeeee”

  37. D. Michael Elkins

    Suppoman gets a haircut and the other crypto guys on YouTube follow suit?

  38. John m Gannon

    Congratulations 102k subscribers

  39. Scott Taylor

    Seeing as though you like NEO, would you also invest in Trinity, the key, and loopring… As all of them are connected in the NEO ecosystem. I’m trying to bridge the connections that you spoke about in yesterday’s live stream. Thanks Carter

  40. Blockchain Gael

    we’re @ 70days or so from initial bear drop, thus 3 to 4 weeks away from a massive bull run… as per usual 90day pull back 🙂

  41. Koen van Woensel

    Interesting poll i have seen 2 weeks ago:
    More than 50% of the peopel investing in crypto are younger than 30 years!
    The poll was answered bu about 1700 replieers.

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