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32 Thoughts to “Why U.S Restrictions on ICOs and Exchanges Is Likely”

  1. Crypto Investor

    Forgive me on mispronunciations, it’s not my strong suit. Thought I’d provide my thoughts related to the Senate hearing – it’s not bearish, but not exactly bullish either like many were laying out. There are some very obvious themes from the meeting that we should keep an eye on as they play out. If you would like to interact with me, make sure to check out my Steemit: I also post live updates on Twitter:

  2. Peter Edwards

    Cryppled Cyrrency: B _ _ _ _ _ it Coin. Fill in the blanks…

  3. Bad Santa

    Fuck off cancer govt.

  4. Alex M

    Outstanding video, thanks!

  5. Tony T

    Regulation is not a bad thing, the crypto market is the wild west at the moment, why would the masses invest without more government protection and definition? I maybe in a minority but the crypto market sorely needs regulating in my opinion!

  6. Beta Eta

    Speaking of bias, I think this channel is overly bearish.

  7. Ace Stojevski

    Regulations are needed, this will only boost the market’s momentum, more trust, future is even more bright. The US are doing this right, as long as those regulations still give the small players a chance to participate in ICOs, that’s great. As for exchanges, let them be regulated too, for crypto to win, everyone needs to win, it can’t go one way.

  8. James Brooks

    the argument that people can buy “bad things with bitcoin is a non-argument. The vast majority of crime is done with USD cash.

  9. TonyLittleNutz

    Do you ever do videos that don’t make me want to get on Zoloft, Paxil and Prozac at the same time time?

  10. Adrian Fletcher

    How can we try to remove our biases before reading the news?

  11. CO Paul

    Heavy video but interesting. A great video about how our central banking system has enslaved humanity is “All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars”

  12. Terry Buckhart

    so we will simply have decentralized exchanges and use VPNs. this is pure FUD

  13. 4444 1313

    Blockchain ETFs launching in Canada now, one last Wednesday has hit already. HBLK if you want to check it out.

    But seriously we are developing a tool (blockchain) for the government to use later against us. I do want to invest in the ETFs nonetheless because I believe that blockchain could continue development away from crypto, on it’s own.

  14. Website guy

    They seem to portray cryptos as a currency imitator and did more than imply that it competes with the dollar.The gov and the fed has loved stealing all this time and view it as the feds illegal governmental right of theft

  15. Craig Candor

    Careful if all your “picks” had ICOs. DigiByte never had an ICO.

  16. When Lambo?

    You are a week late and a dollar short… Yes, the FCC has approved crypto and that is why the the price of BTC has gone up this week.

  17. Peter Perfect

    Who cares what these dinosaurs think! The cat is out of the bag and there is nothing they can do to stop bitcoin and crypto.

  18. psychrome101

    Ethereum was an unregulated unlicensed sale of securities.

  19. Abhi Pobbati

    Most ICOs are fraud. Regulations on ICOs will only help.

  20. Adam Ripon

    Love your videos, thanks for making and sharing them with us.

  21. Johnny B

    Agreed that the analysis by various Crypto YouTubers was too positive. The same can be said for the reaction some of the other recent FUD stories – where the reported stories were maybe not that bad but they still had some cause for concern (e.g. India government comments on Bitcoin and Crypto). By the way, are you still Bullish on Bitcoin or do you finally think that we are in a bear market?

  22. Steve Wright

    Sell, sell everything … immediately … it’s a bubble …. it’s going down to ZERO …

  23. Rookee

    Well, it was obvious that ICO‘s are going to be regulated. They are exactly the same thing as IPO‘s but on a blockchain. So that shouldn‘t be news to anyone.

  24. Cryptopher

    1. Unpayable Debts 2. Useless Foreign Wars. 3. Proliferation of Terrorism 4. Demographic replacement. This is what the older people are passing down to us. They need to leave our crypotcurrency alone, retire, and let us fix the mess they made. They are NOT handing their children a future better than what they were given. Shame on them.

  25. flicknut

    The main reason why this hearing was seen as bullish because there was absolutely no mention of Tether. What is up with that?

  26. Rait Kivimägi

    My top 6 coins. What do you think guys and girls?
    1. ICX
    2. NEO
    3. BNB
    4. WTC
    5. OMG
    6. EOS

    BTC anyway! 😉

  27. Noble Lewis El

    Clayton and his goons, just want a piece of the pie that’s all. You think they give a damn about rule of law. 😂

  28. Armin Darvish

    Thank you for giving us a critical analysis of the regulatory review. These old guys should focus on retiring and let the new generation fix the society and their mess.

  29. tubeneep

    why isn’t the video moving on the bits where Clayton and the others are talking? Something went wrong there…

  30. Abba Okoro

    How are they gonna enforce it?

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