The idea execution paradox (or why tokens with no execution have such high prices)

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27 Thoughts to “The idea execution paradox (or why tokens with no execution have such high prices)”

  1. MELOO

    you cant seriously compare NEO with EOS and Cardano….

  2. ytRbro

    wow! right on dr. julian! I had the same thought with an ico I am in all hype! I see various folks in the telegram room pumping it and filling in what they think it will be dreams of it mooning, not even noticing they changed up their “business model” on the community! putting lock in and claiming “they are looking out for the community” I tell them we will see when they open their exchange!

  3. Phillip X

    Julian, we are waiting for a new token structure, I know it’s not easy to come up with something new which can satisfy investors but it would be nice at least to know where you guys are at this point.

  4. anthony monnerot

    The idea to communicate with us threw videos is a brillant idea…
    You are 100% right to remind us how complicated it is to reach our goals from a book to a movie.
    Today, the crypto worls is a bit like the first steps in space…
    We arlready built a massive rocket called Bitcoin .
    Then ETH blew up with a dozen of third generation crypto…
    So, here is an idea , i just got listening to your video:
    I am comparing the cryptos as a galaxy .
    So, how can we go from A to B then C … If our main rockets are BTC or ETH ..?
    At this periode of time, all we have are these two if we want to take off and travel threw crypto-space.
    Why anybody is usind the “stargate system”?
    The “stargate system ” will allows any idea to be able to jump from A to B and C but also soon from A to Z and even more…
    Like the so well named “TenX” the blockchain allows to make “REBOUNDS” and every bump onto a crypto can be use as a propulsor that will help the project to go even further…
    Like a stone you are threwing on a water lake, as long as the main idea is good and there is not too much deviations, the “REBOUND EFFECTS” will bring all of us not only extremely far but also threw the journey, it will feed the project and all participants…
    In an other word, i beleive that instead of trying to make giant steps with a peace of whitepaper, like many are doing today, lets make baby steps that will bring us all the way around the crypto galaxy, finaly selecting the best reliable projects and “REBOUND” to the next one and on and on …
    Lets be realistic, at this stage, only BTC and ETH have brought us further.
    For that, we need GAS to refuel but the others project are still whitepaper , we are stuck at the wood ERA …
    For that we need to bump on these little stars that ETH has created .
    Each bump is increasing all the rest of the crypto sphere and allows the others to evolve faster…

    So lets “TenX” the Galaxy.

  5. Decentralized Insanity

    Q: Why tokens with no execution have such high prices?
    A: Because people are dumb.

  6. Spare Time

    The subliminal 1000000 cards is all this video is about.

  7. Nas Jafari

    In the short time no one use tenx card because no one wants to spend crypto I sold all my tenx

  8. Peter Perfect

    Ripple is pure hype, totally useless coin!

  9. Jon Marsh

    Julian, you have the best communication in the business. Honest and reliable. Best of luck with TenX

  10. TrinidadLink Live Repairs

    100,000 cards.. Boom…wait.. It changed to 1,000,000!! Yayyyy

  11. Ryan Saunders

    It’s children never leaving the imagination of their childhood behind and letting things like Facebook keep nurturing that mind set. Anyways, when are ya’ll getting $PAY onto Binance 🙂

  12. CrYptic PhsYcHo

    Awesome analogy 👌👌👌

  13. aKaFlows

    Great video as always Julian, thanks!

  14. Karl Tattersall

    Would prefer you got on with the tasks at hand, rather than complaining about the attention other projects are getting simply because they have a great white paper and no product.

    You are right, many projects will turn to dust. This is of no consequence to TenX investors, we want to know what TenX is doing to avoid going down the same path as the other 99%.

  15. _ divinersage

    What about PAY token? When are dividends expected to be paid?

  16. Peace+Opportunity

    after seeing this i want to get rid of my tenx tokens…..very serious misrepresenting of facts

  17. Henrik Wallin

    How doesn’t NEO have execution? It’s already running way better than ETH will be. EOS is behind though, but they have a testnet running, and of course Steemit that is a predecessor of EOS already is doing stuff that ETH can never dream of doing.

    Compare that to ETH that is trying to change from PoW to PoS which no one has done on a running blockchain, and development generally is extremely slow. And Lightning Network will have convince BTC users that they should trust the “BTC-banks” and it of course doesn’t solve the BTC inflation.

    Sooner or later people will have to jump ship from these impressive, but ultimately failed projects.

  18. Bill Ga

    100% thanks for stating and spelling out the obvious most choose to ignore. Most people don’t actually realize how long it takes to get from Paper to the real world. I been laughed at many times for holding TenX and Walton. Now look @ WTC!! Real products and real tech is what i choose. TenX isn’t building a house of cards or making promises like most. This is just a foundation stage at the moment you don’t build a ship and find holes after it launches. Julian is being very humble and not getting ahead of himself but I can see his not about to open his mouth and Jinx things.

  19. Henrique Rocha

    You’re definitely inspiring! I always love to see you talking. I’ll buy more PAY as soon as I can. 🙂

  20. digitald74

    I totally agrree! but next time you should either use some lights to bright up your skin or switch your position with the camera 😉

  21. Jens Hansen

    maybe 5% top 100 currencies have execution – market prices dont reflect that, thats why tenx will be a top5 as soon as people realize

  22. T 7

    At the office on Sunday @ 6am – Great 👍

  23. ICOmustra

    This is actually brilliant.
    You guys raised so much money based on the promise of that imaginary book ,
    and then you started the movie which was amazing. But suddenly stopped.
    Now you want us to go back to the book and keep hoping and imagining the future what you are promising,
    because there is no movie there is no execution right now, no users no traffic,
    And yet, you are still sitting on the money what you raised based on the promise not on the execution.
    From that point to bashing other companies/tokens is really needless. You just focus on the good work and deliver something amazing so we can judge you on the execution instead of the promise and the hype what you are keep maintaining with these kind of videos. It’s becoming more about you Julian than the product.

  24. David Archer

    Great talk

  25. Ahmed Usul

    Awesome insight as usual, but maybe add a small light in front of you, to help with your videos.
    Thx for your wisdom 😉

  26. Paul Barrett - Alexander Technique

    Great info – Thanks

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