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35 Thoughts to “LIVE: Casual Sunday Hangout – Market Updates, Ask Me Anything!”

  1. Jonah Larkin

    What’s up from West San Fran!

  2. xu Yee

    Chinese New Year Starts on 16th…not ending on 18th 🙂

  3. Alvin

    In the western world, Chinese people celebrate Lunar new year for about a week. In China, It’s a whole month.

  4. MyNameisCraigGrant ThisIsMyBitcoinWallet.

    My picks, NmR, vox. Lisk

  5. RN3037

    The OmiseGO DEX will allow exactly what you were talking about. When it goes live, you will be able to trade qny currency or digital asset for another. Fiat to crypto, airline miles for yen, endless possibilities

  6. MyNameisCraigGrant ThisIsMyBitcoinWallet.

    If Carter was a crypto, id be buying the dips and be totally bullish 😂 good job bud

  7. Justin Kufner

    What is your reasoning for being so bullish toward LTC? You’ve mentioned that you are favoring it this year.

  8. Mel Espinet

    Check flash coin 25000 transaction per second

  9. kevin Arellanes

    Whats the word bro

  10. Kai Jacobson

    Still interested in Zcoin?

  11. Tari Litteral

    Hanging out in Virginia in the USA new to Cyrpto…
    I have a question is there any exchanges that allow us to exchange fiat to Cyrpto? Other then Coinbase. And I do have Robinhood but it isn’t working in my state only stock market trading at this point.

  12. Sami Aboumrd

    What’s up

  13. Tommy Frederick

    Love the channel, watch every video!! What are your thoughts about VEN and their partnership with the Chinese Gov’t? Could this cause VEN market cap to increase significantly soon? Thanks, and keep it up!!!! Tommy from Oklahoma

  14. jasontackitt

    Wassup crypto crew!

  15. Luca D'Andrea

    Check out bancor solves the liquidity problem and has dai. No sign no log in.

  16. Jimmy Jackson

    great jacket

  17. Thiago Dilago

    best explanation about what is decentralized exchange ever! nice work

  18. Gordon Allen

    Do you own any stratis?

  19. Ryan Phillips

    Most of your web 3.0 altcoins with smart contracts and dapps need the currency aspect to help secure the network plus it rewards the good players.

  20. MrFreeGman

    Look into AION. They’re building a network that’s capable of connecting arbitrary blockchains together allowing for inter-blockchain transactions. I’m not invested in it myself but it’s one of the lower MC coins that I’m seriously considering once the market looks healthy.

  21. Paul mcentee

    Dublin Ireland

  22. K P Tang

    Bitstamp has trailing stop loss

  23. Anton Arvanitis

    Synapse Ai can you please look into this ico

  24. Justen King

    no chat? Nice to watch you live!

  25. Silver Caesar

    thx carter

  26. Eric Whitehead

    Whats up

  27. John M

    Hi Carter. Any further opinions on POLY?

  28. Ryan Phillips

    I think Lunar New Year actually starts on the 15th. Lasts for two weeks.

  29. William Garcia

    Here from sunny miami, florida!

  30. William Garcia

    Hi! Thanks for the sunday vid!

  31. Lostre

    good shit bro! love your videos keep them coming!

  32. Mark Hendriks

    What up? From holland

  33. Smokysnorty

    damnit i missed it live!!!! thanks mate

  34. Caution slippery When wet


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