Current (CRNC) AIRDROPS!!!

Current (CRNC) wants to give us free tokens every time music or videos are played on YouTube or Spotify. The Current App combines multiple streaming services into a single app (launched on iOS). They can achieve this by providing a few ads, and split the profits between curators, creators and viewers.

I like this project because its very accessible and can bring more people into the crypto ecosystem.

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22 Thoughts to “Current (CRNC) AIRDROPS!!!”

  1. Boxmining

    Apply for the free airdrop ($4 million USD Total) before it’s too late !!
    Discuss current with us on Boxmining telegram:

  2. Green Dale

    The “mining” seems fake. What is to prevent them from claiming that certain users watched a bunch of videos?

  3. ess

    going to be honest, this video seems like an ad. How often do you really out of nowhere shill something so hard

  4. Crypto Wolf

    00:20 [background:] What is an Airdop?

  5. Aman singhal

    How much you got from them for shilling this?
    Be honest plz
    Not disclosing the income is a crime
    I asked you coz they approached me also for promotion,
    this is another I’d of mine
    Ian balina also don’t recommend this

  6. Sean Burn

    Yeah not stoked that this isn’t available for Android users.

  7. AK

    Michael, your thoughts on DTA?

  8. Muchacho_

    What scares me about this project is they said they had 250 000 users registered for token sale. At the same time only 200 000 people downloaded the app. It kind of crazy that they have more “investors” than users. I’d be really cautious with this project.

  9. Aman singhal

    How much you got from them for shilling this?
    Be honest plz
    Not disclosing the income is a crime

  10. barendts

    Who wants to watch paid content? The reason people don’t watch tv anymore, is because they got fed up with commercials and more of the same. You can do better, Michael.

  11. Suppoman Udemy

    Great format and analysis 💯

  12. siv dey

    Great Information

  13. Izzy Cornelius

    how much u get paid for this advert bruz?

  14. Baardschurft's journey to zero

    Youtube and Spotify simply are not gonna allow this.

  15. Dipak Acharya

    Same as LBRY Credits (LBC)?

  16. ZmTopReasons

    Whats airdrop?

  17. McChopper 2000

    nah i stay with PearlOyster.

  18. Baja Blast

    When lambo?

  19. shAiQ

    DEEPONION Also Have Airdrops. Can you take a look at this crypto!!!

  20. shAiQ

    CRNC 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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