Next Coin on CoinBase!?

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45 Thoughts to “Next Coin on CoinBase!?”

  1. Crypto Daily

    For those coming to the meetup! It’s this Sunday (11th of Feb) 2PM on Venice Beach. The exact location is visualized here on google maps:
    You see that Giant V on the beach? Meet me, Dan, and a few other special guests there πŸ˜€

  2. BlockBasher

    Show the dinosaur chart analysis again! πŸ™‚

  3. lps warrior fan 186

    Sharting? I sharted just yesterday and it was terrible. Why would we need a cryptocurrency for that? A big bowl of Thai curry will do it.

  4. RumBoom's Cryptoversity

    14 Cryptards have visited this page at this second

  5. Simon Foster

    Here is my analysis, for what it’s worth, based on market psychology, BTC has hovered for a while in the $8,000 – $9,000 range, not a smart time to sell, everyone is waiting for the bull to arrive. It’s just a matter of time. When the big fish have lost their patience waiting for an even better buy in we’ll be off to the races again. Any day now.

  6. christopher morgan

    The dry humour! Spot on FairPlay πŸ˜„

  7. Stefan MΓΌller

    meh content…

  8. dikke balzak

    he knows da way brothers

  9. algierssolja

    Wish I could could make shit scale through sharting ;>

  10. daniel Legler

    you guys need to learn the difference between resistance and support. if i hear 1 more person say there is resistance at 5800 im gonna scream. thx.

  11. daniel Legler

    you guys need to learn the difference between resistance and support. if i hear 1 more person say there is resistance at 5800 im gonna scream. thx.

  12. Oculus Events

    lol, fun already does scaling

  13. Tiziano L.

    We don’t need more coins. This dilution is only playing in the hands on the people who put 5k in every single new ICO to dump it when they made 10x their money and we’re left HODLing the sand bags. fuk

  14. Jman

    Can’t wait for Robinhood this month for Calif. RIP Coinbase.

  15. Dupiash Bones

    Zakilla, they most def need to rebrand now

  16. tron3

    Next coin going to be Xrp. Really watch out for a project called STORIQA (STQ) shopify, eBay, Amazon of crypto.

  17. Sailor Bootstrap

    Its obviously going to be BitconnectX

  18. ohmanoo

    Hey, It is really frustrating (at least for me) that you had unique thoughts, ideas, vision on the future and coin picks, but lately it seems that You, Suppo and Boxmining became kinda copycats (same coins, same news, same aspects). I know you guys are friends but still…
    No offense and I’m sorry if it’s not true, but that is my feeling. I really do like you and i watch every video, but I would like to get that Crypto Daily back!

  19. Tomas Kotora

    when you coming to slovakia??? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  20. Thunderbird

    How about ZeroValue coin?

  21. Jeff Christopher

    I suspect you are right about 0x because it powers the future (i.e. decentralized exchanges) so it’s probably going to make big gains here soon. Β Also could effect district0x in a positive price move too!

  22. Melvin Bernardino

    Zilliqa #zil will be in the top 20 by marketcap this year!

  23. Daniel Lukaszek


  24. divinegrace92

    Been preaching ZRX It’s almost like when you feel someone’s energy before they even introduce themselves. That’s how I felt about ZRX from team to website and all the internal connections. I threw all my money in it lol and it’s crazy I barely now see everyone talking about it … hmm catching some traction

  25. Mike Peck

    Are you going to wear the mustache at the meet up?

  26. Zol z

    Lol once Blockport gets launched its gonna blow coinbase out of the water FIAT TO ALT pairings?? Yeah goodbye coinbase…

  27. Lawrence RBE

    Whatever coin gets added i hope we dont have a repeat of the bitcoin cash fiasco


    Neo will be added to coinbase

  29. TC

    Best advice ..It could go up or it could go one really knows…draw the triangles boxes lines and add some color . the end you believe in the tech and the disruptive nature …you will win..the rest is just noise… keep up the good work!

  30. plifplouf

    Good video and content. Ripple could manage to score that spot. I’m following a cool project called Peer Mountain. They’re working on a great trust based ecosystem, I think you’d like it!

  31. Alex Belhaj


  32. reg sw

    0x???no coinbase for that crap

  33. Rynho Star


  34. Cristopher De La Cruz

    I wish your videos had less memes and focused more on the important content.

  35. Mane Sasa

    Please let it be Dash sense i bought 5 of them at the price of 1500 πŸ™
    Hodl gang, hodl gang! :'(((

  36. supaSOLE

    I see Crypto Daily, I click “Like”

  37. cjtrickstar

    Coinbase needs to take care of their current issues before going and taking on more loads

  38. Pavle Savic

    What do you think about melon. They launch they new platform at the end of February, one year ahead of the schedule.

  39. money guys

    I say we have until the 15th

  40. Styx


  41. Jason Trebolo

    Im in Oregon, But im from SLO. I am going to make it too next meet up fir sure!! Cant wait

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